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Dear Members and Friends,

This summer has drawn us out. Out of our "pods" back into our communities; out of our homes back into our beaches, parks and forests; out of ourselves back into connection with one another "in person". The healing power of coming into relationship with our environment and each other is palpable! The air is once again filled with music, sounds, smells and human beings filling themselves with senses' revelations.

As we begin to cautiously meet each other in gathering spaces and share our stories of heartaches, fears, joys, laughter and most of all, transformations, we begin our journey towards a healthier, more connected, more holistic way of existing together. As practitioners of healing modalities we too have our lessons learned, our transformations in practice and our spiritual insights to share with each other and the people we care for. There are many exciting conferences and new seminars emerging within the next year in which we have the opportunity to be together and share how we intend to move forward in this beautiful, ever-evolving human existence upon earth. May the dreaminess of summer expand your imagination into cosmic realms as a foundation for earthly deeds!

With warmth,
Tonya Stoddard
Board Representative for AAP

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Camphill Village Kimberton Hills is seeking therapists!
We in the Community Health Circle (CHC) in Camphill Village Kimberton Hills (southeast Pennsylvania, US) are engaged in succession planning work with regard to therapies currently offered in our village.  We are interested to know if any therapists in the worldwide anthroposophical community might consider coming to our community, either as a visiting therapist for a specific length of time, or better yet, as a longer term community member; the modalities of interest are Eurythmy (therapeutic and/or hygienic), Art Therapy and Music Therapy (including Therapeutic Singing), all being actively sought. Here is our website:  http://www.camphillkimberton.org.   Should you have an active interest, or are just curious, please reach out to us at CHC@camphillkimberton.org.  Thank you for your kind attention.

Long Awaited New Publication!

"Can therapeutic eurythmy correct faulty vision? Heal eye diseases? Alleviate computer strain? Eye specialists who have seen its results have been truly astonished! In 1924, a young doctor and gifted eurythmist, Ilse Knauer was asked by Rudolf Steiner to build up a therapy for the eyes based on anthroposophic insights. Over the years it has expanded to address a wide range of eye ailments—including: myopia, hyperopia, squinting, astigmatism, glaucoma, cataracts, computer screen damage to the eyes, and more." Visit Mercury Press for more information and to get your copy now!

Exciting New Publication!
"Anthroposophic Nursing Practice shows not only the possibility, but also the practical experience of nursing care, which aims to be both holistic and optimistic. The knowledge and perspectives gathered in this book have matured through the work of several generations of anthroposophically oriented nurses, all striving to refine a truly integrative nursing practice."


We have created a new SignUp Genius to invite anthroposophic medical and therapeutic practitioners to submit articles to LILIPOH!
You can find the Sign-Up sheet here. 
Here is a summary of the topics.

Summer issue: Anthroposophic medicine’s connection to the plant world and Understanding how the FDA restrict accessibility to holistic medicine

Fall issue: How Anthroposophic Medicine Supports Special Needs Community Members and Anthroposophic Medicine in the Hospital Setting and New Research on Anthroposophic Medicine

Other submission topics will be considered for each issue, contact editor to review suggestions. You are also welcome to contact Christy Korrow, the editor of Lilipoh, with more questions. She can be reached at 270-406-9116 or editor@lilipoh.com. A page has been set up at  LILIPOH.com so that AHA members can link to the articles from each issue, starting with the first issue of the year.

What are some ways AM is looking at Covid-19 Vaccination for children and adolescents?
Check out this research by Drs. David Martin (next year's teacher at the North American IPMT Training Week!), Arne Simon and Silke Schwartz
COVID-19 vaccination for children and adolescents? Fourteen aspects in search of a good way forward, using Germany as an example

Important Position Paper on Anthroposophic Medicine as part of the future of Healthcare!

The Covid pandemic in the light of spiritual science

Check out this important new resource!

FeverApp: A Registry Focused on Fever as a Resource
by David Martin


Medical Section at the Goetheanum

The Foundation for Health Creation Quarterly Newsletter (free) -

Anthromed Library 


RHYTHMICAL MASSAGE Therapy Association

CALENDAR of Events
Association for Anthroposophic Psychology presents: Shakespeare's Macbeth: Illuminating the Challenge of Evil
5-Part Series continued: July 10 and July 19, 2021
10a EDT

Works of literature can take us most directly into the realm of the psyche, and Shakespeare’s plays offer nothing less than the deepest exploration into the mysteries of the human soul within the context of the True Image of what it is to be Human. The challenge of evil in Shakespeare’s Macbeth takes us immediately into the intensity of this darkest of areas, daring us to look squarely at its character and even its meaning as, with courage, we enter the encounter.
For a further description about this series, and to register:  Shakespeare's Macbeth Series
This series will be recorded for those who wish to participate but cannot always do so “live.”
For information on other Programs and Series, please see our website:  www.AnthroposophicPsychology.org


AHA Annual General Meeting
August 19, 2021

Please join us for the AHA Annual General Meeting in August to hear about the activities of the organization and the re-election of officers. Details and login information will be mailed to all members shortly.



A First Class Conference for Psychotherapists and Related Professionals
September 11-14, 2021
Goetheanum, Switzerland

Spirituality In Nursing Conference
September 14-16, 2021
Goetheanum, Switzerland

"The Living Earth and the Ecology of Care"
Working for a charter of care in the 21st century

The program of a variety of small group workshops and keynote presentations by Christoph vonDach and Peter Selg will reflect our goal of making visible how we care for our health, those in need of our care, and extend our focus to include care of the earth, and of the culture.
Please visit HERE for more information!

International Annual Conference of the Medical Section
September 14–19, 2021
Goetheanum, Switzerland

"Human and Planetary Health – The Responsibility of Medicine for People and Nature"
*This year there will be multiple new specialist conferences including: nursing, body therapy, psychotherapy, medicine and pharmacy, eurythmy therapy, therapeutic speech and veterinary medicine!!
The annual conference of the Medical Section in the second year of the pandemic focuses on the responsibility of medicine for humanity and nature. Human health depends on the health of the living earth. Contradicting this is the environmental record of most hospitals.  Pharmaceutical residues pollute our waters. The working conditions of doctors, nurses and therapists are rarely exemplary for the health of patients.

The now widespread idea that there can only be comprehensive health if all areas of social, economic and ecological life are looked at together (One Health) shows how capable Anthroposophic Medicine is of connecting to the current situation!
Please visit HERE for more information!

M.C. Richards One Year Program in Transdisciplinary Learning
Now accepting applications for the 2021/2022 cohort

PAAM's Annual Training Week
New four-year Annual Training Week cycle begins in Spring 2022
Dates are Sunday evening, April 3 to Sunday breakfast, April 10, 2022

The Annual Training Week will be in person for 2022! We will come together at the beautiful Mount Madonna Retreat Center in Watsonville, California (40 minutes from the San Jose International Airport, located in a redwood forest).
Our theme will be “Therapeutic Foundations: Physical, Functional, Emotional, Spiritual. We will welcome professor Dr. David Martin, chair of Anthroposophic Medicine at Witten-Herdecke University, as guest faculty.
Next Spring’s Training week will also mark the start of a new course in  Anthroposophic Pharmacy, taught by Albert Schmidli (open to pharmacists and prescribers). More details will be announced in the coming months; registration will open in the fall. Please save the dates!

Association for Anthroposophic Psychology
New Three Year Certificate Program: a Foundation in Anthroposophic Psychology
Beginning April 6-10, 2022
Camphill Village, Kimberton Hills, PA

The core of our teaching: a comprehensive psychology recognizing body, soul, and spirit comes in nine seminars (3 seminars per year for 3 years).

You may be a professional psychologist, a minister, a social worker, a life coach or a trusted friend to whom others turn for guidance. Whatever your helping role in life, you have surely felt the need for a more soul-and-spirit filled perspective than mainstream modalities can offer. Anthroposophic psychology works from a deep understanding of the nature and potential of each human being.

Click here to learn more and see the schedule.


Anthroposophic Health Association's Bienniel Conference 2022!
Tuesday, July 19 – Friday, July 22, 2022
Camphill Village Kimberton Hills
Kimberton, Pennsylvania

The Mysteries of Healing: Realizing AnthropoSophia
“Love is the result of Wisdom that has been reborn in the I”

Join us for the Biennial Anthroposophic Health Association Conference in Kimberton, PA which will take up “Realizing AnthropoSophia”. The “Mysteries of Healing” theme was created upon reflection of the questions, “What do we need to heal in order to best therapeutically accompany others?” and “How can we better serve the good in each human-to-human encounter?”

Our three keynote speakers will be collaborating through the “Mysteries of Healing” evening lectures, practical teaching lectures and interdisciplinary case presentations. Each presenter will bring a case for the interdisciplinary case groups for open discussion and sharing of insights. The case discussions will be followed by mid-day talks to develop practical therapeutic imaginations. We will illuminate these topics through singing, therapeutic artistic activities, and an interactive workshop titled “AnthropoSophia: Connecting Social and Individual Health,” led by Raphael Knauf M.D. and Jan Goeschel, Ph.D. The goal of this workshop is to strengthen our ideal intentions of working with solidarity, freedom and equality in medicine and therapies.

The conference is open for members of the AHA as well as non-members who are familiar with anthroposophy. Join us in collaborating together for this most special AHA biennial conference in celebration of AnthropoSophia.

Keynote Speaker Bios:
Ursula Flatters, M.D. will bring the morning keynote lecture, “Healer Know Thyself”. Ursula co-founded the Vidarkliniken anthroposophic hospital in Sweden. She has extensive experience practicing and teaching in- and out-patient medicine. She is currently the board chair of the Swedish Association for Anthroposophical Medical Activities (SAMT). She is a trained eurythmist and for 20 years worked with Waldorf Schools as a school doctor.

James Dyson, M.D. in the second morning keynote presentation will speak on “The ‘I to I’ Encounter”. James was a co-founder of Park Attwood in the UK and has practiced as a doctor in Steiner Waldorf Schools and in centers for social therapy. His areas of special interest are developmental psychology and adult mental health. He is a regular contributor to anthroposophic therapeutic trainings internationally.

Marion Debus, M.D. will give the final morning keynote lecture titled, “Therapeutic Accompaniment on One’s Healing Journey.” Marion is Head of the Department of Oncology, Hematology and Internal Medicine at Klinik Arlesheim in Switzerland. Previously she was a senior physician at Havelhohe hospital in Berlin. She has taught anthroposophic oncology throughout her career.


Please enjoy these videos by a colleague,Wen-ting Hsu, a school doctor  in Taiwan, where there is now a a huge rise in COVID with an overloaded medical system. They are beautiful examples, and reminders, of how anthroposophic healing therapies are a deeply needed source of healing and that sharing these with each other and the world can in itself support the continuing healing of the world and the continued suffering from the current pandemic situation.
Lavender Foot Bath:
Chamomile Abdominal Compress
Ginger Thorax Back Compress:
Lemon Applications for Fever:

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