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Dear Members and Friends,

Happy New Year! One can only note how remarkable the last year has been! As we leave this turning point in time of the last year and enter into the new decade, one could easily turn to the difficulties and deeply disturbing circumstances we have all been facing. And yet, to stop our retrospection there would be doing a disservice to the great creativity and impulses of love that have emerged from those circumstances. Indeed we have been witnessing the dissolution of old forms and structures with the ongoing varying degrees of stay at home orders, overwhelming health concerns and social unrest here in North America. Emerging from this disintegration have been new ways of being with one another as individuals, community members and worldwide members.

As healthcare practitioners we are often co-creators of these new forms and structures as we work to meet the health supporting challenges of our time. A unique strength we in AHA share is our passion for remembering and representing the human being as a whole; as a being of body, soul and spirit. In these particular times it has become even more important to deepen our relationship with each of these aspects so that we may support our patients on finding strength, balance and resilience as an integrated individual. The commitment in AHA to this vision is mirrored in the offerings over the next several months. From Spirit Remembering to Collaborative Case Studies about Anxiety to Interdisciplinary Resiliency webinars to Tone Eurythmy offerings, our members remain steadfast, creative and passionate in our mission to bring healing to all aspects of our being; a true representation of the forces of the heart that are needed to guide us into the future!
With gratitude and reverence for your work,
Tonya Stoddard
Board Representative for AAP

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Newsletter from the Medical Section

Exciting New Publication!
"Anthroposophic Nursing Practice shows not only the possibility, but also the practical experience of nursing care, which aims to be both holistic and optimistic. The knowledge and perspectives gathered in this book have matured through the work of several generations of anthroposophically oriented nurses, all striving to refine a truly integrative nursing practice."



We have created a new SignUp Genius to invite anthroposophic medical and therapeutic practitioners to submit articles to LILIPOH!
You can find the Sign-Up sheet here. 
Here is a summary of the topics.

Winter issue: Strengthening the breath and nurturing the rhythmic system and How anthroposophic medicine is reaching under-served populations

Spring issue: Early Childhood Trauma--ACE and Common threads between Anthroposophic medicine, Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine

Summer issue: Anthroposophic medicine’s connection to the plant world and Understanding how the FDA restrict accessibility to holistic medicine

Fall issue: How Anthroposophic Medicine Supports Special Needs Community Members and Anthroposophic Medicine in the Hospital Setting and New Research on Anthroposophic Medicine

Other submission topics will be considered for each issue, contact editor to review suggestions. You are also welcome to contact Christy Korrow, the editor of Lilipoh, with more questions. She can be reached at 270-406-9116 or editor@lilipoh.com. A page has been set up at  LILIPOH.com so that AHA members can link to the articles from each issue, starting with the first issue of the year.

Look at this petition for screenless kindergartens!

Dear All,
Along with the good news that today we have joined the 64th thousand supporters of the Petition for Screenless Kindergartens and Primary Schools, a heartfelt request goes out to you, to share the following facebook- post together with one of the attached fotos:
Children are not computers - they need analogue kindergartens and primary schools for their development! Help to keep this choice and sign our petition at https://eliant.eu/en/home/
Kinder sind keine Computer – sie brauchen für ihre Entwicklung analoge Kindergärten und Grundschulen! Helft mit, diese Wahlmöglichkeit zu erhalten und unterschreibt unsere Petition auf www.eliant.eu
Since this year almost all lecture events had to be cancelled, which have been the main source of signatures so far, we - the helping students and I - now want to focus entirely on social media networks. If we manage to achieve exponential growth in this way by the end of the year, the target of 100,000 could still be reached.
With many thanks for your help
and best regards



Medical Section at the Goetheanum

The Foundation for Health Creation (PAAM) Quarterly Newsletter (free) -

Anthromed Library 



RHYTHMICAL MASSAGE Therapy Association

CALENDAR of Events


Spirit-Remembering in Troubled Times
January 14, 2021 at 6pm MST

Join us in exploring the concept of Spirit-Remembering - a practice in developing our capacity for encountering spirit in every moment. Many threats of our modern world (electro-magnetics, pollution, climate changes, disease and pharmaceuticals, etc) can challenge our memory of these precious experiences and reduce our ability to connect. The StarHouse and the Association for Anthroposophic Psychology are collaborating in offering this webinar to explore what spirit-remembering means, and to share a Spirit-Remembering Assessment to help evoke memories of your personal connection with Spirit, and establish these important landmarks for yourself as we are collectively navigating challenging times.
Register at TheStarHouse.org

Collaborative Case Studies in Anthroposophic Medicine
Continuing on January 12, 2021
2nd Session Online

This series of webinars will work through one of the classic case histories described by Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman in their book Fundamentals of Therapy. The first four webinars are open to doctors, nurses and all Anthroposophic therapists. Each session will include several short teaching presentations, plus time for break-out discussion groups, arranged for either interdisciplinary discussions (December and March) or profession/modality-specific discussions (January and February). The fifth session in April is just for licensed prescribers (MD, DO, ND, NP, PA, Dentist, Pharmacist)

We look forward to collaboratively deepening our own knowledge, as well as fruitful sharing between the many different kinds of Anthroposophic practitioners that make up our medical community.
For more information and to register please visit PAAM's website

Fostering Resilience: New Forces for the New Year!
Tuesdays, January 26th, February 23rd, and March 23rd

5:30pm PST, Online
Join us for a series of free webinar sessions dedicated to building more physical and spiritual vitality. After a long and challenging pandemic year we want to collectively move towards the future with open hearts and strong intention.
Each  session will include a demonstration of hygienic eurythmy exercises (movement therapy) to help you feel both renewed and protected. These can form the basis for a personal practice to help you feel both centered and enlivened. Then we will hear more in-depth sharing of Anthroposophic psychology insights (January), Anthroposophic nursing treatments (February) and Anthroposophic medical supports (March). After a long and challenging pandemic year we want to collectively move towards the future with open hearts and strong intention. 
Webinars are open to the whole community! There is no cost, but we do need you to please register at Fostering Resilience!


ATHENA Tone Eurythmy Therapy
February 7, 2021 at 4pm PST

This FREE webinar is intended to renew our understanding, refreshment, and healing through eurythmy therapy musical exercises. Presented by:

Raven Garland is a therapeutic eurythmist and eurythmy teacher at Wasatch Waldorf Charter School in Salt Lake City, Utah. She holds a Master’s degree in Music from the University of Massachusetts, a Eurythmy diploma from Eurythmy Spring Valley, and a Therapeutic Eurythmy diploma from TETNA, where she is now an adjunct faculty member teaching therapeutic tone eurythmy.

 Mary Ruud, MA, has been teaching eurythmy for forty years and has worked with therapeutic eurythmy for most of those years. She came to eurythmy from a movement/dance background. She finds joy working both with children and adults.

All AHA members are invited! Please register Here. Registration will close on February 5th!


Enlivening our Therapeutic Teaching: An Introduction to the Teach the Teachers program for North America
Saturday, March 6, 2021
A three-session workshop, 11amEST-5pm EST/8am-2pm PST

Due to the ongoing restrictions on gathering and travel, the Teach the Teachers North American Course has been rescheduled to start in 2022.
But because these times call more and more for healing modalities that consider body, soul and spirit to come forward, we are not postponing the impulse to...

Develop the Teacher in You !

Join a new initiative that brings together professionals of anthroposophic healing modalities that are feeling called to teach their practice to new learners.
It is clear that to carry the impulse of anthroposophic therapies and medicine forward, more teachers will be required to fill the need for expansion in learning opportunities. 
We will meet on March 6, 2021 for a one day workshop to begin to explore 3 foldness through text study and artistic activity and how we might present this idea to new students learning about anthroposophical healing. Please join us in beginning to build our community and our first cohort of Teach the Teachers North American Course.
Please register here for the workshop!

Raphael-School for Singing and Singing Therapy
A new four-year part-time Further Professional Training in Therapeutic Singing
Beginning April 2021 in Nahrendorf, Germany

In this Further Professional Training the therapeutic effects of sound,breathing, speech sound and musical elements on the singing human being will be studied in theory and practice in a phenomenological way. These experiences will be deepened through medical and anthropological lectures by experienced anthroposophic doctors or other experienced teachers and brought into practical connection with the therapeutic work.
For more information please visit our website: Singing Therapy
PAAM Annual Training Week 2021
May 1-8, 2020 in Chestnut Ridge, New York
Beyond the Molecular and Mechanical Model: Lung, Liver, Kidney and Heart
Special Guest Faculty: Dr. James A. Dyson

-What is the role of rhythmic processes in the body?
-How is our wake/sleep rhythm, or our in-breath/out-breath rhythm, related to the continuous work of re-absorption and excretion in the kidney?
-Can we think about a whole physiology of “exchange”?

-Why do we connect the heart with love, and warmth, and morality?
-Wouldn’t medicine be better if we acknowledged the links between body and mind?
-How can we see the patient as a whole person, not just a collection of parts? No one wants to be labeled or treated as a defective part.

For more information or to register please visit PAAM's website.

Association for Anthroposophic Psychology
New Three Year Certificate Program Beginning 2021 in Kimberton Hills, PA
Our three year certificate program is for:
-Licensed Professionals
-Counselors of all kinds (Ministers, Life Coaches, etc.)
-Those seeking self development
For more information please visit our website: Anthroposophic Psychology
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