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Suggested Reading

This list is not required reading but merely a few good selections inspiring our work together in celebration of AnthropoSophia. 

1) The Mysteries by Ita Wegman 

Find at the online Library:


Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy, 1927 Vol. II, No.3, “Anthroposophy and the Social Question”, 1919, GA 34

3) "The Spiritual Individualities of Our Planetary System's Destiny-Determining and Human-Inwardly-Freeing Planets"Rudolf Steiner, 27 July 1923, Dornach, GA 228

4) Excerpt of The Heavenly Sophia and Being AnthropoSophia by Sergei Prokofieff

“As we now survey the threefold path of study, we may ask ourselves the question: Who is it who has let us on this path, and accompanied us? Who is it who stood invisibly beside us, when for the first time an anthroposophical book came into our hands and we began to read it? Who is it who has given us the possibility of following this path from Christian Rosenkreutz to Michael and from him to Christ in full freedom? 

This being is Anthroposophy itself, though no longer as a teaching but as a living being of the spiritual worlds, as AnthropoSophia. Rudolf Steiner used this name for this being on two occasions. The first was in a lecture that he gave at the first General Meeting of the Anthroposophical Society. This lecture of February 3, 1913 bears the title, The Essence of Anthroposophy and considers the evolution of Western civilization as a developmental process a being who has appeared on Earth under the name of Sophia, PhiloSophia and now AnthropoSophiaand who would wish to lead man to true self-knowledge.

Rudolf Steiner used this name for the second time at the founding of the General Anthroposophical Society in Dornach on December 25, 1923, the most important day of the Christmas Conference. At the beginning of his address he pointed out that it is necessary for every anthroposophist that ‘his heart is enlivened through and through by AnthropoSophia.’* And then at the end of his address he mentions this being again, speaking about the need to found ‘a true community of human beings for AnthropoSophia.’

If one takes Rudolf Steiner’s two references to AnthropoSophia at the Christmas Conference together, one may see in the first the most important condition for the second. From the lecture of 1913 and from the address of 1923 it follows with full clarity that this being is connected with an individual anthroposophist’s path of development and also with the entire biography of the Anthroposophical Society from its beginnings.

But what does it mean, esoterically speaking, that one’s ‘heart is enlivened through and through’ by a being of the spiritual world? This means none other than finding a real approach to this being in the spiritual world, having a kind of supersensible encounterwith it. We must now attempt to describe the path which can lead to such a direct experience of the supersensible being AnthropoSophia.

Here too we may begin with a simple example. Someone has intensively studied a certain aspect of spiritual science one evening in the three stages as have been described: he has penetrated it with his thoughts, transformed it into pictures and derived from it impulses for his moral conduct and actions. Having done this, he goes to sleep. It may then happen that the following morning he wakes up with a feeling which is akin to a resolve: from this day forth I want to change all my habits, my character and my whole life so as to bring it into harmony with what I have received through the study of spiritual science. I want to begin an entirely new life, which I want to lead in harmony with Anthroposophy, or – as Rudolf Steiner has formulated it – ‘to become a true representative of the anthroposophical cause’. For Anthroposophy has enabled me to recognize the true image of man and, through this, the image of my own being; and I want to make every effort I can to resemble this archetypal picture. 

What is so wonderful about this is that we experience this resolve as wholly our own, that is, as entirely free. Indeed, of all the resolves that we have ever made it is the freest. To be sure, we shall not bring this ideal to realization in a day; on the contrary, it is most probable that with our various duties we shall at first forget about it during the day. But it may happen that on the next, or some subsequent morning, after intensive study in the evening, we again have this experience, perhaps a third time and so on.

Finally, under the inspiration of these experiences, we shall arrive at the question:

What actually happened during the night, between the intensive study in the evening and the resolve of the following morning? For we shall come to feel ever more strongly that while we were asleep something of extraordinary importance has happened – called forth by our intensive study – which we can only compare with an encounterwith a spiritual being. And then, if we try to strengthen this experience through the conscious effort to implement our resolve, we shall sooner or later receive an answer to our question which may be formulated in earthly words as follows: What brought you during the night in the spiritual world to the resolve referred to above was the encounter with the living, being AnthropoSophia. And beholding this sublime and lofty being, my whole soul was filled with the longing and desire to become like her. This longing, this will-imbued aspiration, appears within me the following morning as the resolve to change my whole life, so that I want, hence forth, with all my inner strength to become a true representative of her spiritual being in the modern world.

The encounter with the living being AnthropoSophia in the spiritual world stands in the most intimate inner connection to the threefold path of study. For on this path, we try to develop faculties of thinking, feeling and will that are not bound to the senses and which we can take with us into the spiritual world into which we enter every night. By this means we were 
enabled to awaken in this world and perceive the living being AnthropoSophia. Thus, these two things belong together: what manifests itself exoterically as study has its esoteric counterpart in one’s gradual approach in the spiritual world to the being AnthropoSophia and to one’s direct encounter with her. In this way, study becomes the first stage of initiation. For, like all subsequent stages, it leads to a supersensible encounter with a spiritual being.

The next step will be that we try to open up what has been experienced in the night to the light of day, so as to raise this spiritual encounter to our waking consciousness. This can, however, be achieved only by dint of extensive meditation. Nevertheless, the study of spiritual science remains the foundation also of our meditative efforts. In particular, the endeavor to become a true representative of the supersensible being AnthropoSophiaon the Earth must always be felt to be an important condition for such an encounter. Thus, we may be sure that sooner or later we shall also experience this being with full consciousness, and this will be for us like a real meeting with a spiritual teacher here on Earth. From this moment onwards the being AnthropoSophia will herself be our guide in the spiritual world; and in every question pertaining to our life and actions we shall be able to seek her advice. In the following words Rudolf Steiner describes this direct and personal relationship which then becomes possible with this being who stands so close to man: ‘AnthropoSophia is in herself an invisible human being, who goes amongst visible human beings, and towards whom we have the greatest conceivable responsibility…, who must indeed be regarded as an invisible human being, as someone with a real existence, who should be consulted in all life’s individual actions,… to whom we are responsible in every moment of our lives… It is absolutely necessary that everything that happens is to be viewed in consultation with the human being AnthropoSophia… as a living being… So that is what is necessary: true seriousness in our following of that invisible human being, of whom I have just spoken.’ 

If we have established such a relationship to the living being AnthropoSophia, we shall soon notice that our whole life changes, because we have found our spiritual teacher.The wonderful thing is that the being AnthropoSophia leaves us absolutely free in everything. But if it is our will to follow this being, she leads us on the path described of above to the knowledge of esoteric Christianity. For her most important task today is to lead human beings in the sense of the Time-Spirit to becoming conscious of the great cosmic-earthly mysteries of the living Christ.”

The Heavenly Sophia, and being AnthropoSophia, Sergei Prokofieff, pages 22-23.
*Steiner quotes: Feb 3, 1913. The Essence of Anthroposophy; Dec 25, 1923 Dornach

Additional reading:

- Man's Life on Earth and in the Spiritual Worlds

Rudolf Steiner, London, 16th November, 1922

-THE ANTHROPOSOPHIC MOVEMENT: VIII. Responsibility to Anthroposophy, GA 258

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