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Anthroposophic THERAPeutic SpeecH

Anthroposophic Therapeutic Speech (ATS) is a form of artistic therapy in which guided speaking and breathing exercises are used to treat challenges such as speech impediments, constitutional difficulties, depression, aggression, breathing disorders, eating disorders, digestive problems, menstrual cramps, psychosomatic illnesses, attention challenges, hyperactivity issues, learning disabilities, concentration challenges, self-confidence issues, sleep disturbances, burnout, trauma and to generally strengthen the individual. Healing moves through the breathing by working with the spoken word. In collaboration with an anthroposophic medical doctor, the practitioner determines exercises out of a picture of the entire human being to address symptoms. Practicing at home is an essential part of the therapy. ATS is beneficial for school-age children, high school students and adults.

ATS is an artistic therapy based on Speech Formation (Also called Creative Speech.) Practitioners have completed a four-year, full-time training in Speech Formation followed by a year-long program in Anthroposophic Therapeutic Speech. Upon completion they are awarded a diploma from the Medical Section.

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