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Anthroposophy has re-formulated medicine, the arts, education, agriculture, as illustrated in Waldorf education and Biodynamic agriculture. Yet, what about the subject of psychology? What might anthroposophy contribute to the study of the human soul?  

The Association for Anthroposophic Psychology (AAP) recognizes both the contributions and the limitations of contemporary psychology. Instead of a reductionistic view of our soul’s becoming, anthroposophic psychology involves the dynamic interrelated and interacting forces attributed to our earthly and spiritual realities, which our souls continuously meet. The AAP programs are committed to “re-formulating” psychology by integrating esoteric perspectives which offset the limits of our modern-day materialistic secular understanding of the human soul and its evolution. 

Informed by Anthroposophy (the work of Rudolf Steiner) we recognize Anthropos (the potential human being) as individual consciousness embedded within Sophia (world soul, living wisdom). The soul, or psyche, has the unique task of mediating between body and spirit. As counselors, we aim to guide these delicate processes toward optimal health and awakening.

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