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"It was tone, it was the sound that rings,
out of which the human form was shaped."
-- Rudolf Steiner

Anthroposophic music therapy is the deliberate use of the musical elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, tone, interval, and movement employing a variety of stringed, wind, and percussion instruments as well as the human voice with the intent of supporting the balance and integration of the four members of the human being: the ego, astral, etheric, and physical bodies. Founded upon the spiritual scientific research of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) and 60 years of subsequent research by physicians, therapists, and musicians, this approach seeks to reach beyond the temporary calming or motivating effects of a more palliative approach. Using specific musical instruments or vocal sounding to affect the four bodies, the elements of music are combined in individually designed therapeutic exercises which bring support, development, and balance to the spirit, the soul, the life forces, and the physical being of the individual in need of care. 

The Mission of the North American Anthroposophic Music Therapy Association (NAAMTA) is to provide a vessel for those individuals who are working with music as a healing art, based on the knowledge of spiritual science. The Association seeks to raise awareness among professionals in medicine, education, and the arts, about the potential of music as a therapeutic modality.

In addition, the Association intends:
• to support the development of an accredited anthroposophic music therapy school, potentially in colleagueship with other trainings

• to create a board and to achieve a 501C3 tax-exempt status
• to establish a fund that could be available to support its members

Membership is open to:
• individuals who have completed an anthroposophic music therapy training

• individuals who work with music as a healing art
• individuals who support the work of anthroposophic music therapy

To begin with, benefits to members will include colleagueship, dialogue, and the sharing of resources as well as group association membership with the Anthroposophic Health Association (AHA).

The founding of NAAMTA has arisen out of the impulse for the Renewal of Music, which is opening new possibilities for future working together with music, so needed in the present time.

For more information, contact: Sally Willig, MT-BC at
Checks can be made out to NAAMTA and sent to: 6 Rustic Circle, Apt. D, Montvale, NJ 07645

Fees: $50 per year, including a $10 per year membership to AHA, which offers a discount to all AHA conferences, among other benefits.


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